Nike+ SportWatch Community Building

For this project I was tasked with designing for a practice. As a running hobbyist, my choice of practice was easy.

Something that I felt was lacking in the running community, at least for me, was exactly that; community. While I am aware that there are people who run for peace of mind, there are many who wouldn't mind having a buddy or two to run with.

Knowing and feeling this, I decided to take already existing technology, namely the Nike running watch and running mobile app, and iterate upon its current experience.

Through RFID or wireless connectivity, the watches or phones would be able to "tag" each other when in close proximity while the user is on a run. When passing another runner using the same product, the user would be prompted on whether or not they'd like to "inspire" the other. Later, when putting their run data online, they could, if they wanted to, add the person they passed to the Nike running social website and expand their running network.

A more in depth write-up and a step by step of the design and how it would integrate with current UX is available HERE.

This project required that I design across three different interfaces. From left to right, watch UI, web UI, mobile UI.