User Experience Designer

Big Ass Solutions
September '15 - Present
• Operating as UX team of one.
Cited for innovative research methods utterances in Amazon Developer's article directly related to my work developing Alexa utterances for fan control.
• Conducting contextual interviews around the country as research for product and feature design. Using knowledge gained about customers to create and distribute user personas.
• Researching competitors and creating heuristic reviews of customer facing products for evaluation by colleagues and decision makers.
• Undergoing iterative experience design process for physical product, packaging, documentation, web, and mobile applications; including industrial design, interface design, interaction design, information architecture, and general customer experience.
• Adhering to and applied both marketing and OS specific guidelines for mobile app design; including iOS Human Interface and Google Material Design guidelines.
• Maintaining high velocity in agile development process.
• Leading user testing and running participatory design workshops with internal and external participants. Making recommendations based on tests/workshops which lead to a better overall product and more satisfied users.

Communications Specialist

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
May ‘14 - Aug ‘14
• Redesigned and updated out of date print and web material with Drupal while adhering to marketing and branding guidelines. -- increased attendance at events and increased web traffic.
• Collected and analyzed data for restructuring of advertising strategies -- led to improved attendance at events.
• Engaged public for interviews, ideas, and marketing materials.

Administrative Assistant

Georgia Institute of Technology
'14 - '15
• Designed print and web material while adhering to marketing and branding guidelines. -- led to an increase in attendance of >50% at events compared to the prior year.
• Organizational duties, project management, and correspondence with appropriate parties in relation to event and conference planning.
• Gathering, synthesis, writing, and research as needed.

Experience Designer

The Mysterious Package Company
May ‘14 - Sept '14
• Created transmedia puzzles for both individuals and groups.
• Developed framework for integrating puzzles into subscription package, and Curio products.
• Developed stories and concepts.
• Went beyond my duties and assisted in taking meeting minutes and general project management -- led to greater overall progress and closer adherence to deadlines.
• Check out their website and become a member at https://www.mysteriouspackage.com/