Infragram What you Eat

Infragram was developed by the Public Laboratory for Open Science and Technology (PLOTS), an open community of citizen scientists. Through Do-It-Yourself hardware and open-source software, PLOTS projects aim to democratize the production of scientific knowledge, especially regarding community environmental health. Communities troubled by environmental problems (low air quality or an oil spill, for example) can use low-cost PLOTS tools to redress the imbalance of power that would otherwise keep them in the dark about whether their water is safe to drink or air safe to breathe. Open Science, in other words, can empower underserved communities.

With this goal of civic science in mind, our team wondered:

Can we use PLOTS’s plant-health camera to measure the quality of produce from grocery stores across Atlanta, perhaps to map produce quality to income disparity across neighbourhoods?

Turns out, no, we couldn’t. We hit some epistemological stumbling blocks. See our results and contributions at

Item Using a modified camera with an IR filter to take pictures of photosynthesis occurring in produce from around Atlanta.